Friday, October 9, 2009

Maybe Now’s Not The Time to Ask for a Raise

When I saw this story at, “Asking for raise tricky during downtown”, I immediately thought that asking for a raise is tricky any time, but I agree that right now is probably more fraught with tension than usual.

Plus, the experts recommend not doing it right now. Cheryl Campbell, a business professor at Fayetteville Technical Community College, suggests that you not ask for a raise unless there’s a “dire need”. But isn’t dire need what usually drives us to consider angling for a raise to start with?

Campbell says if you have to do it, investigate the company’s financial situation first, and do it in person.

Still, many employees are too jittery in the current job market to ask for a raise.

"No," paralegal Lisa Widhalm said when asked if she planned to seek a raise. "I think people need to give it more time for the economy to settle out and then ask for a raise."

Widhalm gave her employer, The Mitchell Law Group, credit for recognizing good performance in good times.

“Fortunately for us, our bosses are very easy to talk to, so I would definitely feel comfortable asking for a raise,” she said.

Like Widhalm’s bosses, the attorneys I work for are easy to talk to and very generous during good economic times.

But also like Widhalm, I’m not planning to ask for a raise any time soon. How about you? (See survey at sidebar.)

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