Thursday, October 8, 2009

A List of Paralegal Blogs

(or I Almost Deleted My Blog Roll Because Grant Griffiths Told Me To)

So I’m doing this series where I let Blog for Profit guru Grant Griffiths kick my blog in the butt, and on Day 8, he tells me to delete my “blasted” blog roll because I have better use for that space at Practical Paralegalism. He threatened to threaten me with bodily harm if I didn’t. But then I’m all, “Like Grant Griffiths reads Practical Paralegalism anyway, but maybe I better do it in case he ever does.”

So I start to delete my blog roll because Grant Griffiths told me to, and then I said, “Whoa, Nellie, DO I have a better use for that space, or should I just use it better?” Because Practical Paralegalism strives to provide resources for paralegals, I decided that I can use it better, but only to list paralegal blogs instead of all the other legal, technology, grammar and well, yeah, corporate fashion blogs that I used to include. I’m not worried about Google noticing, but I do want my readers to notice and support other blogs for paralegals.

I am not going to tell ya’ll that I have a comprehensive list of every paralegal or legal assistant blog on the Internet at the sidebar under “Check Out These Paralegal Blogs”. My criterion for listing paralegal blogs includes consistent posting, original writing, helpful information or insight into a paralegal's life, and yes, the blogger’s voice itself – regardless of whether it is professional or personal.

A couple of newer paralegal blogs that I hope you will add to your RSS reader include:

Yvette is Norma
Norma is a Tennessee paralegal sharing her adventures in learning to cook, including her discovery of vegetables and her previously shelved Cuisinart.

Val’s Journal
Val is a paralegal fighting breast cancer with grace, humor and very supportive bosses. I hope you’ll support and encourage her.

Frugal Paralegal
Paralegal Margaret Agius, who is also the Detroit Legal Examiner, provides great coupons and money-saving advice.

Grant also told me to link to great posts, which is why I'm linking to his thought-provoking “Delete Your Blogroll” post.


  1. Aww! I *like* the corporate fashion blog And I didn't save the link. :-(

  2. Hi, Nickie - Corporette

    Don't worry - Corporette posts are one of my fave topics for Working Girl Wednesdays ;)

  3. Thanks so much - I've saved it.

  4. Due to unforeseen circumstances I have been gone for about a year. I am now back and looking forward to re-inserting myself in the community. Lynne, you have been an inspiration and I look foward to making it to your "check out these blogs" page.

    Keep up the great work. Ohhh and by the way, great podcast.

    The Paralegal


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