Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Is the Work of an "Army of Paralegals" Being Outsourced?

In an article about the need for outsourcing firms in the Phillipines and Asia to diversify, BusinessWorld Online includes the following quote from Alfredo I. Ayala, Chairman of the Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPA/P):

"The recession is creating a more pronounced change in the mindsets of firms," Mr. Ayala noted.

"An example is law firms. Normally, they do not outsource. But since the beginning of the crisis, firms want to eliminate costs and focus on the $1,000-an-hour lawyers and not an army of paralegals," he noted.

"Many firms are changing their business models, so we have focus on those kinds of businesses and expand our market."

I don't know about the accuracy of your statement, Mr. Ayala. If you read Law Practice Magazine's article, "Outsourcing Legal Services Abroad", the $1,000-an-hour lawyers aren't safe either.


  1. At my old firm, we outsourced a large document review to India. The coders were Indian attorneys who made $7/hour and they did an excellent job. At my old firm, they cut staff and let paralegals go but were increasing the number of associates. When looking for my new job, most firms were not hiring paras, so I ended up in-house instead of at a firm. Not sure where the para jobs are headed, but agree the economy is allowing firms to do things they would never previously consider.

  2. Jennifer, thanks for your insight. I agree that outsourcing is a growing concern for American paralegals. I would be interested to hear from others that have firsthand experience with outsourcing.


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