Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hire My Mommy the Freelance Paralegal!

Most career columnists are recommending creativity for job seekers struggling to find work in this economy.

I think the freelance website,, definitely qualifies as creative. reports:

Spencer Pyle got the idea after spending several years developing another site for home based working moms. She calls that site ( a virtual chamber of commerce for women with a home office.

More than 2,000 woman subscribe to They are connecting with projects like a legal assistant or blog writer.

The site costs about $10.00 a month and it's been getting national publicity. Spencer Pyle hopes it will get the attention of large corporations, especially as more projects get out sourced.

I'd be interested to hear if any legal professionals have used to get freelance work. It sure beats standing by the side of the road waving down motorists like these cute "Streetwalking Lawyers of Aurora Avenue."

P.S. And a reader comments below with a great idea (equal time for the guys): "I wish there was a"


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